Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp RS
Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp RS
Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp RS

Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp RS

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110/80 R 18 58V TL F
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TT=TubeType / TL=TubeLess
WW=White Wall | REINF=Reinforced | MST=Multi Service Tyre | FIM=FIM Approved | N.H.S=Not for Highway Service
F=Front | R=Rear | F/R=Front or Rear

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Size: 110/80 R 18 58V TL F

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The Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp RS Motorcycle Tyre revolutionizes motorcycle racing with its unique blend of vintage charm and cutting-edge performance. Crafted to excel on classic racing bikes, this street-legal tyre offers unparalleled racing capabilities, ensuring optimal performance on both track and road.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Vintage Design with Modern Performance: Combining the nostalgic appeal of the PHANTOM™ Sportscomp tread pattern with the racing prowess of DIABLO™ Supercorsa structures and compounds, this tyre delivers superior performance. You'll experience the thrill of racing with a classic touch, making every ride both memorable and exhilarating.
  • Innovative Tread Pattern Design: The new rear tread pattern, featuring shorter W-shaped grooves, provides a slicker footprint at extreme lean angles. This design variation means a long, thin footprint on straightaways and a broader contact area during turns, enhancing grip and stability for a confident, exhilarating ride.
  • Advanced Radial Carcass Structure: The radial carcass with a 0° steel belt ensures exceptional precision when leaning into corners and effortless handling. This feature translates to quick, predictable turn-in rates and a smooth, responsive riding experience, offering you unparalleled control and enjoyment.
  • Racing Heritage with Practical Benefits: Utilizing "Low Glass Transition Temperature" polymers from Pirelli's World Superbike Championship experience, the tyre achieves rapid warm-up and resistance to cold tearing. This means no need for tyre warmers, offering you convenience and top-notch performance right from the start.
  • Revolutionary Compound for Extended Performance: The full carbon, extra-fine filled compound, combined with an innovative mixing process, ensures consistent performance across various laps and thermal cycles. This tyre adapts to a wide range of operating conditions, allowing you to race throughout the season without compromise.

Motorcycle enthusiasts seeking enhanced safety and stability on the road will find the Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp RS Motorcycle Tyre an ideal choice. This tyre's innovative tread pattern, featuring shorter W-shaped grooves, ensures a larger contact area during turns and a sleeker footprint on straights, significantly improving grip and stability in various riding conditions. The advanced radial carcass structure with a steel belt at 0° offers exceptional precision and ease of handling, further contributing to a safer, more controlled ride. Combined with the 'Low Glass Transition Temperature' polymers, which provide quick warm-up and excellent cold-tearing resistance, this tyre delivers reliable performance, ensuring both safety and stability for every journey.


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